Finding someone to compliment and bring new experience to assist your business can be a daunting task. You want to recruit the best. The most important stage is knowing who you are looking for.


Our following guidelines are here to help you find that special person:


Knowing the Vacancy?

• Is the vacancy for a temporary or permanent member of staff?

This decision can sometimes be difficult, but it is important to your business that you make the correct decision before advertising for staff.


Explaining the role requirements

It is important that you firstly Identify the key requirements you need for your business. These key requirements are the ones that any applicant must evidence on their CV.

We can help you at any stage with this so don’t forget to give us a ring.


Write a Specification

Once you have decided exactly what you need, this needs to be documented into a specification.

• We will work with you on this to ensure you get the perfect person for the role.

• We will assist in promoting your job which will increase immensely your ability to find the right person to fit into your organisation.

Don’t forget we are here for you at any stage during this process just get in touch with one of our experienced consultants, who will help you find that perfect person.

Do you need our help?

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    Julie, Manchester
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